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Electroplating Optimisation of Legacy Components

By using the Elsyca PlatingMaster software tool to optimise their hard chrome electroplating processes, customers have been able to achieve more uniform coatings, resulting in less material usage and reduced grinding. One customer has completely irradicated any necessary grinding, resulting in a yearly saving of $1M in tooling alone.

To first optimise the process, it is necessary to have available the component geometry as an electronic 3D CAD file. This can be achieved by importing the file into the SolidWorks interface, or the user can build the geometry from drawings. However, in the refurbishment business, it is often the case that, due their age, CAD is not available for the component and that the user might not have the necessary skills to build the CAD of a complex 3D component.

[IMAGE] Laser Scanning of a model

Non-contact laser scanning.

In order to address this issue, Rose Consulting Engineering Limited, the UK distributors of Elsyca PlatingMaster have formed a technical partnership with Admeasure Scanning.

Admeasure Scanning provide a Reverse Engineering service. Where no 3D CAD exists, an item or assembly can be scanned and then a 3D model produced for import into the Elsyca PlatingMaster software. In this way, the user can simulate and optimise the electroplating of virtually any component or assembly - no matter what the age.