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Rose Consulting Engineering Limited are the only authorised supplier of Elsyca's suite of products to the UK and Ireland markets.

Working in partnership with Elsyca, Rose Consulting Engineering Limited is uniquely placed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of your electrochemical processing steps. Optimisation of your electrochemical process will invariably result in enhanced process yield, improved product quality and increased throughput.

[img] Gold Wafer Plating Process Modelled Using Elsyca PlatingMaster

Elsyca's core technology is electrochemical modelling. Their products are based upon validated computational models of electrochemical processes. The application of these process models - termed electrochemical intelligence - enables you to gain in-depth understanding of your electrochemical processing steps; resulting in optimisation of process yield, product quality and throughput.

Even before investing in extensive research, design or manufacturing steps, substantial value can be realized in terms of cost-efficiency, productivity and ecology by accurately simulating and predicting the electrochemical reality.

Rose Consulting Engineering Limited can supply and train your staff in the use of Elsyca's PlatingMaster software. PlatingMaster is a revolutionary, user friendly, CAD (SolidWorks) integrated software program for electrochemical plating process simulation and optimisation.

To find out how Rose Consulting Engineering Limited and Elsyca PlatingMaster can enhance your electrochemical plating capabilities please contact us.