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Elsyca PlatingMaster is a revolutionary, user friendly, CAD (SolidWorks) integrated software program for electrochemical plating process simulation and optimisation.

Elsyca PlatingMaster has been designed to find quick answers to problems related with non-uniform layer thickness distributions. It accurately predicts plating layer thickness distributions on complex 3D components in any user defined plating tank configuration.

Elsyca PlatingMaster provides the electroplating industry the intelligent tool for managing costs, attaining higher productivity, making ecological gains and simultaneously improving customer service & product quality.

Detailed documentation and customised on-site training, guide you through the simulation stages:

  • CAD creation: Elsyca PlatingMaster creates (or imports from file) the complete geometrical configuration (plating tank, rack and workpiece) using state-of-the art CAD tools
  • Pre-processing: Elsyca PlatingMaster reads the plating bath characteristics from file or database.
  • Meshing: Elsyca PlatingMaster automatically meshes your plating tank configuration.
  • Boundary conditions: Elsyca PlatingMaster imposes direct or (bipolar) pulsed currents through multiple electrodes.
  • Solving: Elsyca PlatingMaster swiftly computes current density and layer thickness distributions over all electrodes in the plating tank configuration.
  • Post-processing: Elsyca PlatingMaster has powerful visualisation tools within the user environment.
  • Optimisation: Elsyca PlatingMaster enables optimisation of your plating tank configuration using a limited number of iteration steps.